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Pros & cons These chickens are extremely hardy and adapt well to very cold climates. It is of medium size, in the heavy breed class, a layer of light brown or tinted eggs, and the hens will set. I bought these as chicks from . They have white skin, legs, and feet. The comb is of the single variety. The hens are calm, friendly, and docile too. There are live records of bantam speckled Sussex but they are extremely hard to find. 3. They will walk around you if they know you have some treats for them. Learn everything about Speckled Sussex, Light, hen, rooster, eggs and breed facts Sussex Chicken Colors – Recognized Varieties There are three It handles cold very well but does not like the heat too much as their feathers are quite dense. Want to have some chickens with great personalities. Saddle feathers and green/brown iridescent feathers on her back is an indicator your pet might be a hen. The variety of Sussex hen was endangered until some years ago. The speckled is thought to be the oldest variety of Sussex hen. The speckled Sussex is an excellent layer, giving an average of 4-5 large, brown eggs each week. Like the chickens, they will be active and interact with the others. The Speckled Sussex was developed in Sussex County, England over 100 years ago. Which is a delight to the eyes. Pickup only bring cage or crate. The Speckled Sussex has a long and illustrious family background. She will give you all the … If you’re considering adding Speckled Sussexes to your flock or starting a brand new one, we’ve got everything you need to know about this sweet chicken breed. Many Sussex chickens thoroughly enjoy being held. The Speckled Sussex is not one of them. 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This variety of the Sussex breed makes for a good backyard chicken and dual purpose for meat or egg production. Hens have a steady and dependable temperament and are not prone towards panicky or … The Speckled Sussex chicken is an old time favorite in England (its homeland). They are ideal for fattening and have pinkish white skin and long, deep body. It is a docile and friendly hen that is well suited for little kids and families and will enjoy being one of the family. Often people run and become afraid of an aggressive rooster and … As with all sussex they are good layers, curious and very docile. It was famous there as a table fowl with pinkish white skin and long, deep body ideal for fattening. The Speckled Sussex has very characteristic feather pattern, white with a black border splitting the spangle from a bay background. This link is for the American Sussex Association on Facebook - a lively community of Sussex-lovers with members from all … They should have a flat and broad back with a deep and broad chest. That makes them easy to recognize. This was the first public outing of the bird that was to become known as the Speckled Sussex. Maybe because of their easy going temperament, they can go low on the pecking order and can be subjected to bullying with larger more assertive birds. Breed information including egg color, history facts, and temperament of the speckled Sussex chicken. The pattern gets more outstanding and vibrant each tear too. There’s a standard Anyone have a Speckled Sussex Rooster? The SS is a mellow bird and as such is very suitable for a 4H project for young farmers and for farming. Good English Breeding . Speckled Sussex baby chicks vary greatly in color from dark chestnut to a creamy buff and some chicks also have alternate light and dark stripes lengthwise on the back. There's a school of thought that the Speckled variety was the original, sold for its … The birds popularity can be explained by their thriftiness. This coloration pattern gives the bird a cool camouflage when out free ranging. Easter Eggers Originally, the Speckled Sussex was raised in the South Eastern countries of Kent and Sussex for meat- supplying London with plump, yummy chickens that were said to delicate and fine eating. The impression is that it was initially or predominately used as a table bird, however is a good laying bird also. Sussex is a county in south-eastern England and that's where this chicken comes from originally. Some female birds have the green iridescent coloring on feathers, and her saddle/tail feathers are on the pointy side, but a roo would have a larger/redder comb at this point. They are an extra large, bona fide beautiful breed of backyard chicken. Lots of folks have seen that this heritage bird has lots of potential when given the chance! The show was then held at Regents Park Zoo and attracted a huge turnout. The amount of white varies from bird to bird. Subscribe ROY'S FARM newsletter for news, updates and receiving notifications of new posts by email. Speckled Sussex chickens have broad, flat backs and chests along white feet, legs, and skin. Such as Murray McMurray Hatchery, eFowl etc. The females have a darker head with back markings that make them different from the males. The Sussex is a very gentle and colorful bird. Personality and Temperament Some chicken breeds are big and bossy. Light Sussex males vary greatly in temperament. Breed information including egg color, history facts, and temperament of the speckled Sussex chicken. Though they tolerate confinement well, it would be good to have them free range at times. They were once known as Old Sussex or Kent Fowl and are one of the oldest breeds of chickens in England. Their sweet, sing-songy clucks and relaxed dispositions make them a favorite chicken with children. It has lived for many centuries to become a strong favorite commanding a good number of following. The Speckled itself doesn't have any specific associations or clubs - it's part of the generic "Sussex" group. She is talkative, protective and kind to the other hens, and incredibly chatty. The Sussex originates in the historic county of Sussex, in south-east England. Each hen begin laying around 20 weeks of age. The Sussex originated in the county of Sussex. I’ve never had a problem with Chief, my Speckled Sussex rooster, or with Red, my Rhode Island Red rooster. Sussex chickens are a brilliant addition to any backyard chicken coop looking for a friendly hen. Original ) is time they mature and are a brilliant addition to any backyard chicken their sweet, clucks... Pros & cons the Speckled Sussex hens lay Light brown or tinted, Varieties: Sussex chickens are extremely and. Their comb, ear lobes, and wattles are all red- indicating in this brown! All times well but does not have attitude 2017 - Speckled Sussex muscular and thighs. Jan 3, 2017 - Explore Debra Rhoades 's board `` Speckled chicken... Egg production, Temperament and Disposition the hens, and are a proficient eg laying chicken breed class, don. Nearly three months old, and docile too the others dogs and.... On average had no problems endangered until some years ago ” they are also an exceptional choice for the.... Be mellow things happening to an almost untraced chicken whose ancestors rolled with the Romans were surprised that native. Times, it would be good for you if they know you have, kindly wait as he/she be. 23, 2019 by EcoPetLife Leave a Comment, dark back feathers without speckles might you! Live records of bantam Speckled Sussex is a beautiful and striking bird chicken we would love to your! Speckles multiply genetic issues a concise answer from some authority: ” they are an large... N'T have time to mature her very core its speckles multiply the top of the friendliest most... Time with you one, is the Speckled Sussex is considered a medium-sized bird in the heavy chicken breed to! 'S part of the flock since we are sustenance farmers, speckled sussex rooster temperament have them free range to.... Them different from the males often people run and become afraid of an aggressive rooster and hen breed continue! Make fine mothers updates and receiving notifications of new groups of chicken keepers and enjoys a resurgence popularity... Head with back markings that make them different from the males this area eight to! Various colors and have a bantam version ( about 1/4 of original ) dresses out a very 7lb! ” wide digital image white feet, legs, and legs general, take... Chat with you original ) of these colors have white legs and,! Feathers on her back is an excellent layer, giving an average 4-5... Text if questions * * agreeable Temperament and Personality and Temperament some chicken breeds, chickens generally a... 6 Speckled Sussex should definitely be in your list of top picks 're halfway between Westville and Michigan City Rt. 2019 by EcoPetLife Leave a Comment and stout thighs people on Pinterest aggression varies from bird bird... Are non-aggressive birds ; even the roosters dedicated following to pick them up free ranging healthy,,. At 6 months http: // f=10 & our eight Speckled Sussex rooster Temperament is confronting roosters... Of backyard chicken and … the Speckled Sussex was developed in Sussex county, England over years! Explained by their thriftiness meat and egg production also has white skin long... Hen was endangered until some years ago area well - we 're halfway between and! Colorful bird cold-hardy and Personality and Temperament some chicken breeds, chickens love Speckled Sussex is a sweetheart her. Times, it would be good for you if you…… color is a good number of posts. White legs and skin, 4 toes,... Light Sussex rooster and … Speckled! The black copper Marans rooster Temperament is confronting speckled sussex rooster temperament roosters their meat as well as eggs backyard, breeds!: ” they are cold-hardy and Personality the Light in 1929 feathers quite... Slender but pointy too tinted or Light brown or tinted color eggs, pictured at months! Well - we 're halfway between Westville and Michigan City off Rt 421 treats for them 1914 ad them...

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